It Begins


My name is Ash, and I like video games. That seems like a good place to start.

I have been playing since the tender age of six, when I started on an old brick of a Gameboy with the plastic screen missing. I graduated to the N64 at eight, and Playstation 2 in high school—I now have a modest collection of XBox and Playstation games, a nice set of “vintage” cartridges, and a XBox Live gold card. I am also trained—and relish—in the art of literary analysis, and am utterly unable (read: unwilling) to keep that peanut butter out of my video game chocolate.

So that’s what this blog is: a nice place to organize my involved and somewhat inane thoughts (which I so enjoy) about video games (which I so love).

If you’re on this nerd-train with me, welcome to Oracle Turret. There’s no sleeper car, but hopefully the posts are good enough that you won’t be needing it. And there’s plenty of video game chocolate.

Oh hell yes.

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