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Archetype II: The Jaded Beauty

Archetype I: The Perky Refugee
Archetype II: The Jaded Beauty
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Archetype V: The Pipsqueak
Archetype VI: ???

Today we have part two of the Final Fantasy Archetype series, and this time it’s about every fanboy’s (and some fangirls’) favorite Final Fantasy character: the Femme Fatale. She’s sultry, she’s gorgeous, she’s scantily clad! Every Final Fantasy in our scope has some version of this woman it, busy getting everyone hot and bothered. She is always one of the older members of the cast, flaunts her sexuality through revealing clothes and suggestive props, and is the epitome of no-nonsense. Her age also gives her a mark of maturity, and she is one of the most grounded members of the party.

“Is that Brotherhood in your pocket, or . . .”

But that maturity doesn’t just come from anywhere, and it goes deeper than some nicely rounded pixels: this archetypal woman has seen tragedy that has left its mark on her. However, where the Perky Refugee’s tragedy involves large-scale oppression, this character’s struggle is more personal, and her past often goes unmentioned until the story demands she reveal it. The revelation itself is nearly always the same: for all her beauty and desirability, the Jaded Beauty is also pointedly unlucky in love. Simply calling her a femme fatale doesn’t cover that sense of maturity and loss—she is the Jaded Beauty, in all her mystery and mystique, and she is here to give you a cry-boner. Characters that fall under this category are Tifa (FFVII), Quistis (FFVIII), Freya and Beatrix (FFIX), Lulu (FFX), Fran (FFXII), and Fang (FFXIII). Like the Perky Refugee, this archetype is old enough to find incarnations in the classic set:  Celes from FFVI, and Rosa from FFIV.

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